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Robin's weather blog: an uncertain outlook

London Tonight Weather Presenter, Robin McCallum. Photo: London Tonight.

There's a weather front out to the west of us at the moment. It's playing its cards close to its chest and giving no real hint as to how far it will push across the country. This makes pinpointing the impact it will have on the weather in our neck of the woods rather difficult.

The worst that could happen would be cloudy skies and patchy rain, but just how many of us will fall victim to that is difficult to specify. The front could just as easily grind to a halt outside the region as push across in an easterly direction.

The best way to describe the situation, therefore, is to talk about there being a threat of drizzle for some of us, most likely down in the south-west.

Tomorrow's a little easier to deal with. It'll be dry and bright with light winds and slightly better temperatures - I look forward to that and also to a 24 hour break from sitting on the fence....