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Robin's weather blog: the weekend looks promising

London Tonight Weather Presenter Robin McCallum. Photo: London Tonight.

There was optimistic talk yesterday (I'll admit it was me) for a dry and sunny start to the day today. It was therefore with no small measure of disappointment/exasperation that I noticed cloudy skies and patchy rain earlier this morning. That was not part of the plan.

Timing, it seems, is not only the vital ingredient with comedy and but also with weather.

The rain arrived from the West as predicted but seems reluctant to clear swiftly out to the East, hence the slightly damp start. The drying out process is now underway so sunshine is on the cards, marred only slightly by some showers later this afternoon.

The weekend looks reasonably promising in that it'll be largely fine with the wet and windy weather that was threatening to spoil Sunday currently showing signs of staying to the South.

If the worst that we have to put up with is the occasional shower then we won't have much to complain about.