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Faye Barker Photo: ITN

You get the feeling that we're not going to stop hearing about the expansion of London's airport capacity until the bulldozers arrive. The issue may have been eclipsed recently by a summer of jubilee and Olympic celebrations, but it certainly hasn't gone away.

Whether you are for or against expansion at Heathrow, or a new airport in the Thames Estuary, scientists have been looking at the health implications of what more air traffic over the South East will mean. An independent study by Cambridge University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that a third runway at Heathrow would triple the number of early deaths from pollution linked to the airport. In contrast, moving the UK's main airport to the Thames Estuary, (aka "Boris Island") could cut deaths by up to 70%. Scientists say this is due to pollution from Heathrow being blown across London, whereas pollution from a Thames Estuary airport would be carried out to sea. We've been taking a closer look at these latest findings.

Our cameras have also been in Shepperton today, arriving bright and early to capture the moment six swimmers finished a gruelling 250 mile charity relay in open water. The five men and one woman have spent the last few days braving the cold depths of Shepperton Lake, day and night, to raise money for the Household Cavalry Operational Casualties Fund - a charity which supports injured soldiers to help with their rehabilitation. Well done to them and I hope they're now warming up with plenty of hot chocolate (or maybe something a little stronger!)

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