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Statues honour injured British Army veterans

Simon Brown. Photo: Help for Heroes

Twenty statues have gone on display in Trafalgar Square. The sculptures are of injured servicemen and are a tribute to their determination to rebuild their lives after they were injured.

It is ahead of National Heroes Day, which is this Sunday, and has been organised by Help For Heroes.

After they leave Trafalgar Square, the statues will be moved to places of significance around the servicemen's home towns.

Sculptor Stuart Murdoch, has created a battalion of 20 statues of veterans, capturing the determination of each individual to rebuild their lives after injury. The veterans themselves were there to see their sculptures unveiled.

The statues have been commissioned by Bells whisky, as part of its mission to raise awareness and funds for Armed Forces charity Help for Heroes (HFH). The charity's founders Bryn and Emma Parry were also be present.

One of the former British Army soldiers is London based, Simon Brown. He joined the army at just 18 years old. He served in Kosovo, Oman and Iraq.

It was during his second tour of Iraq that Simon became injured while recovering six colleagues whose vehicle had broken down. Hit by a sniper, the bullet destroyed his left eye and permanently damaged his right, leaving him with only 19% vision, as well as shattering both cheekbones.

Help for Heroes gave Simon vital support whilst he rebuilt his life, offering him the opportunity to take part in challenges so he could prove to himself what he could achieve. Simon is now proud to represent the charity as an official ambassador.

Aaron Dindyal. Credit: Help for Heroes

Former British Army soldier, Aaron Dindyal, originally from London, but now based in Essex, was caught in a mortar attack in Basra.

Impact from the shock waves fractured his spine, caused damage to the cartilage in both knees and resulted in the loss of much of his digestive system. The full extent of his injuries were only revealed after his return.

Help for Heroes supported Aaron while he recovered from his injuries. The opportunity to talk about his experience was a critical stage in his recovery.