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The weather is on the change - but it's taking its time

London Tonight Weather Presenter Robin McCallum. Photo: London Tonight.

Today's the day that things are meant to be changing.

The operative word there is "meant". The change IS happening but it's taking its time. Temperatures are already lower than they've been recently but the brighter skies that are supposed to be coming our way are dragging their heels.

The net result, therefore, is that we've currently got the worst of both worlds. It's not only chilly but it's also cloudy and damp - and in truth it looks as though there could still be outbreaks of drizzle throughout the course of the afternoon.

It'll be cold tonight and we could even get the odd wintry flurry (rain/sleet/hail) over higher ground over the next 24 hours. Nothing will settle but it will serve as a reminder - a timely one at that, given the clocks go back this weekend - that we are moving inexorably towards winter.

So fire on, toaster on standby, and if it gets brighter head outside....but not without a scarf.