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Robin's weather blog

Robin McCallum. Photo: ITN

We managed to get the Halloween bonfire lit yesterday afternoon before the rain arrived.

I say Halloween bonfire but in truth we'd got a mass of stuff from the garden that needed burning & so in a bid to enlist help from the children we decided to call it a Halloween bonfire. Our cunning plan worked. The fire was impressive and we celebrated by toasting tea cakes over the embers and watching the clouds gather.

Shortly after we'd had enough and had returned indoors smelling kippered thefirst drops of rain began to fall. As far as I'm aware the rain continued to fall for the entire night accompanied by some fairly blustery winds.

It was still wet this morning but for most of us today will be predominantly dry and occasionally bright. There's an ongoing risk of showers in the West and it'll be breezy everywhere.

And that sets the tone for the next few days which will remain unsettled and showery.