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Fight to save family home of 73 years

Brian and David Adams are being threatened with eviction Photo: ITV News

A family are fighting to stop two brothers being kicked out of their council home after a staggering 73 years.

Brian Adams and his younger sibling David are being threatened with eviction from their Romford home, because Havering council says the tenancy cannot be passed to them.

A crucial hearing for possession of the property in Romford, Essex, will be heard later this month.

Just days after their brother Jack died in November last year the pair were told they had to move out.

Their parents moved into the house at the outbreak of the Second World War and they brought up 15 children there.

Their father Percy Adams died in 1986 and the tenancy was passed to Jack.

But Havering Council insists that it can only be transferred once in the same family and are going to court on November 12 to get a repossession warrant.

David has lived there all his life while Brian moved out in 1966 when he got married but returned in 1986 after his divorce.

We really do not want to take court action. We understand that moving home is never easy and we have been working with the brothers to find them alternative accommodation.

'They have both been unwilling to move but under national housing law they do not have the right of succession as the house has already been passed on once within the family.

– Havering Council