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Unlawful subletting crackdown

Westminster Council fraud investigator John Noble. Photo: ITV News

There was a raid in London today on a property in n Westminster, that the council suspect is being illegally sublet.

ITV News Consumer Editor Chris Choi joined one of the council's fraud investigators on the raid.

It is part of Westminster Council's crackdown on the unlawful subletting of council houses.

It is something they are trying to put a stop to.

To see what happened when an investigator visited a home in the city, watch this report:

We got the first custodial sentence in the country for anyone subletting their property.

– Westminster Council's John Noble

Council house tenants are making a fortune from illegally subletting their council homes.

Council flats are being illegally rented out for up to £1,500 per week, while deserving tenants remain on long waiting lists.

After the raid Mr Noble said:

We suspected that this property was being sublet. It's quite possible the entire property is being sublet and the person we saw in the property has just spun us a complete line.