Memorial for British-Indian agent Noor Inayat Khan

British-Indian agent Noor Inayat Khan Photo:

Princess Anne will unveil a statue in Gordon Square Gardens later in honour of the British-Indian agent Noor Inayat Khan.

She worked in France during world war two - before being shot dead by the Germans. It'll be the first stand-alone memorial to an Asian woman in the UK.

Noor Inayat Khan

What do we know about her?

  • The eldest of four children
  • She was an allied heroine of the Second World War
  • She was of royal Indian descent through her father
  • Sent into France in June 1943
  • She was betrayed and captured a few months later
  • Shot by in September 1944, aged 30
  • Posthumously awarded the George Cross

Around 300 people are expected to attend the statue's unveiling ceremony today including veterans of both the SOE and Women's Auxiliary Air force (WAF).