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Robin McCallum. Photo: London Tonight

I heard the term 'de-escalate' in a news report on the radio first thing this morning. It's not a word I'd come across before and it struck me as slightly absurd.

I'll try to shoehorn it into this blog before forcing it into retirement where I feel it would be more comfortable.

Today, tonight and tomorrow come to you courtesy of the meteorological phenomenon of cloud. Lots of it.

There'll be a spot of drizzle and some patchy mist in the West early tomorrow morning but that's the only variation I can offer you on an otherwise unchanging and rather depressing theme.

There's been some pretty thick fog around this morning but that will de-escalate (ha! done it!) by this afternoon leaving the region generally grey and overcast.

Broadly speaking the weather's not great at the moment but Sunday will be better, so all is not lost....