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Robin's weather blog

Robin McCallum. Photo: London Tonight

This is the deal for the next 48 hours - cloud, wind and spells of rain. It's not great, really.

There's small compensation in the form of mild temperatures but to my mind if it's cloudy, wet and windy, temperatures are little more than academic.

I think we tend to respond visually to the weather meaning that if it looks awful it feels it and vice versa.

Yesterday is a case in point; it was pretty chilly but the beautiful sun meant that our overriding impression of the weather was positive.

I'm convinced that regardless of highs of 13C over the next couple of days none of us will remember much more than the grey skies and the rain.

Beyond that, though, things look better. It will be mainly dry amd there'll be sunshine too.

As for temperatures, who cares?!....