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Robin's weather blog

Robin McCallum. Photo: London Tonight

For a while there was torrential rain last night. In addition there were very strong winds which strengthened to gale force at times. In our house we were woken in the early hours by the sheer volume of it all.

This morning things are looking much calmer and it was a relief not only to start the day on a dry note but also with skies visibly clearing from the West.

As it became light I could see the back edge of cloud associated with the overnight Armageddon as a defined line of dark grey with a slash of blue sky directly behind it. Hurrah!

As a result things are set fair for the rest of the day today; it'll be dry with broken cloud and sunny spells and the winds will be comparitively light.

Sadly it's an all too brief respite as we're in for more wind and rain over the weekend. The Met Office has issued an alert (basically keep your eye on the forecast and expect localised flooding in the usual vulnerable spots) from 9am tomorrow until 9pm on Sunday; that said the wet weather is currently promising to rattle through quickly overnight on Saturday leaving us with a reasonably good day on Sunday so the alert could well prove to be overcautious. Better safe than sorry, though.

All being well Sunday is the day to look forward to and if you can stay indoors tomorrow, you should!