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Boris Johnson gets mistaken for a king

Boris Johnson will be in India for the next week Photo: ITV News

Forget Downing Street, Boris Johnson could well set his sights on Buckingham Palace as bemused Indian locals mistook him for the King of England on the opening day of his tour of India.

The London Mayor is in New Delhi to promote business links with London. But while there has been widespread publicity in the local media about his visit, not everyone was sure who he was.

One thought he was Wimbledon legend Boris Becker. While an American tourist, who had his photo taken with him, referred to him as "that guy on the zip wire".

The mayor’s first day in India included a trip to one of Delhi’s new-build tourist attractions.

We're going to see the world's largest temple. It was built in five years which is a sign of the amazing Indian ability to get things done."

– Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

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