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Robin's weather blog Photo: ITV London

I don't think anyone can be unaware of the havoc that has been wreaked by the appalling weather across the country over the last few days. As is always the case in the UK, some areas have had a real battering whilst others have escaped comparatively unscathed.

In London & the Southeast there have been strong winds & significant rainfall. There is localised flooding & there has also been structural damage & fallen trees. The ground is saturated, rivers are full & any further heavy & prolonged rainfall would have a real impact.

Fortunately the persistent rain that was still falling first thing has now eased & for the rest of the day today we will be subject to a more showery picture meaning there will be drier spells in-between.

Tonight will be a murky with patchy drizzle, tomorrow won't be bright & although it'll be colder conditions will gradually become drier, all of which is a hint at what lies in store for the second half of the week. Stay strong. things will improve.