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Globe reveals new theatre

Work has begun at the Globe to develop an indoor theatre Photo: ITV London

Major building work has begun at the Globe, as it develops an indoor theatre due to open in January 2014. The Sam Wanamaker Theatre will seat 340 people, in a Jacobean-style space designed using drawings discovered at Worcester College, Oxford, in the 1960s.

The work includes a major redevelopment of the theatres' foyer areas Credit: ITV London

The new theatre has been named after the founder of Shakespeare's Globe, American actor and director Sam Wanamaker. In addition to the new theatre, an extensive redevelopment of the foyer areas is planned, to cope with increased visitor numbers.

The first performances in the new theatre are due to take place in January 2014 Credit: ITV London

The new indoor theatre will allow the Globe to present plays throughout the year, to expand the repertoire of work it presents, and "to stage Jacobean plays in their intended atmosphere".

The new theatre will be predominantly lit by candles.