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Robin's promising a break from the rain Photo: ITV London

The weather has a very different look to it today.

We've lost the heavy, grey cloud and the relentless rain which has been dogging us recently. It's been replaced by broken cloud which is white (whoever would have thought that white cloud would be cause for celebration?) and where there are breaks in the cloud there could well be some much needed glimpses of the sun. Double hurrah.

This positive news doesn't come entirely unencumbered because today there's a chance of a shower or two drifting in to the Northeast of the region and we've got a very cold northerly breeze blowing meaning there's a noticeable wind chill.

It'll be cold tonight, and also breezy, but it will be dry. Temperatures tomorrow will once again be modest but the winds will gradually ease and it's promising to be dry and bright for all of us.

About time too....