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Have you looked under the dog basket?

Hertfordshire's missing millionaire has just hours to come forward. Photo: Danny Lawson, PA.

The deadline is approaching fast.

If Hertfordshire's missing millionaire fails to collect their £64 million lottery winnings by 11pm tonight, it will all be over - cruise to the Seychelles cancelled, Mayfair mansion abandoned, and all that cash donated to the Lottery's Good Causes.

So, with just hours to go, where should they be looking for their winning ticket?

Here is the National Lottery's official "Top Ten Hiding Places" where previous winners have been found.

  1. In a bin bag that was about to be collected

  2. In the make-up bag of a winner’s secretary (Morris Mogg, £1.9m, 1997)

  3. In a pot in a glass display cabinet (Iris Jeffrey, £20m in 2004)

  4. In a car sun visor

  5. Under the dog’s basket

  6. Down the back of the sofa

  7. Under a fridge magnet. The winner only discovered the ticket after the over-loaded magnet fell off the fridge

  8. In a shoe box in the back of a winner’s car (Chris Jackson, £250k, 2000)

  9. Inside a winner’s shirt pocket

  10. Inside a tin of cat treats