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Truth to tell, we were slightly caught out by the snow

London Tonight Weather Presenter Robin McCallum. Photo: London Tonight

For some of us it was a surprisingly wintry start to things this morning. Truth to tell we were slightly caught out by the white stuff, which came as a result of colder air than anticipated coupled with heavier precipitation all leading to a dusting of snow in some areas.

Conditions will improve throughout the day with brighter skies on the menu later, but it'll stay very cold with temperatures only making it to 4 or 5C.

Under clear skies tonight those values will plummet; below freezing in Central London and even colder out of town so there'll be a widespread frost and a chance of ice on the roads.

After a bright and cold start tomorrow the skies will gradually cloud over ahead of overnight rain, but at least it won't be as bitingly cold.

Thermals should, however, be on hand at all times..


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