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Robin's weather blog

Robin McCallum. Photo: London Tonight

As promised yesterday the weather doesn't look too bad for tomorrow. At one stage there was a chance of unbroken sun for the first half of the weekend but that is now less likely.

It will, however, be dry and bright with sunny spells and as the winds ease it won't feel quite so cold.

Temperatures will be almost average on Sunday (cautious hurrah?) but there'll be much more cloud and patchy rain will be paying a visit later in the day.

In the meantime we've got to get through today which started off on a really miserable note.

Bitterly cold with ice on roads and pavements along with rain, which for some has been falling as a mixture of sleet and wet snow. Wretched. It'll get a little drier later but there'll be no brightness and with a strong breeze it'll continue to feel raw. All in all it's a write-off.

Roll on Saturday.