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Robin's weather blog: Monday

Robin McCallum. Photo:

Weather wise this week we've got two contrasting halves. Until Wednesday it'll be fine & chilly by day & frosty & cold overnight.

Thereafter things will become more unsettled with cloud & rain arriving from the West.In other words you'll need to keep all combinations of outer wear close to hand in the immediate future.

In fact combinations (is that an old fashioned term for a onesie?) would be a good idea for the next 72 hours because tomorrow daytime temperatures will only make it to 4C at best & the lower they are by day the further they fall overnight if conditions remain settled.

I'll take the cold if there's sun on offer, but I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling dread at the prospect of more rain even if the temperatures are a little better. Hopefully in the Southeast the rain won't be too heavy when it comes.

Watch this space for more details nearer the time.