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Martin's weather blog: Thursday

London Tonight Weather Presenter Martin Stew Photo: London Tonight


Growing up in Esher in Surrey I used to get (nerdily) excited when a nearbytown like Kingston would appear on the weather map at the end of the news.

Now I'm the weatherman the power of putting place names onto the map is in myhands. But with great power comes great responsibility. I've got to balancerequests from friends and viewers to use their home town with the need to putup locations which actually mean something to everybody watching.

Then there's another problem. The weather symbols themselves are in a fixedpostition so many places like Wembley and Bromley are hidden by sunshine orcloud graphics.

So how do I reconcile wanting to cover as many place names as possible (in case any nerdy kids like me want to see their town on the telly) with being as informative as possible? My boss is keen for me to stick to bigger well known places like Croydon, Barnet, Ealing and Hackney but a nostalgic part of me wants to stick up for the small places which never get a mention.

I'd love to know what you think. If you've got any thoughts (or a place name you want me to see if I can fit onto the map) send me a tweet to:@MartinStewITV or email at: and mark it for my attention.

Incidently the weather looks pretty miserable tomorrow. Grey skies, heavy showers and it's windy too. On the plus side we're going to see much milder temperatures up to 11 degrees and the worst of the rain should have cleared in time for the weekend.

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