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Barnet war hero's medals stolen on D-Day anniversary

Soldiers medals stolen in burglary Photo: Simone Bray

Corporal Ben Bray, who served for 14-years in the army including tours in Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan returned home to his flat on Thursday to discover he'd been burgled.

He was blown up in Iraq, and set on fire in Afghanistan, and has had this recognition of which he is so proud of taken away him.

– Simone Bray, wife

The medals aren't thought to have any monetary value, but they are priceless to the family.

They are all engraved with Corpral Bray's regiment number

Where we can replace the iPad, Ipods, computer equipment, and mend the patio doors, we are unable to replace my husbands military war medals,

– Simone Bray, wife

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