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Faye Barker's Saturday blog

Faye Barker Photo: ITN

It's a brave person who's been out and about in town today - not only is it very wet, today was predicted to be the busiest shopping day of the year as people flock to the shops to stock up - and fill stockings - for Christmas. I've only ventured out of the office briefly to grab a coffee but it was not nice out there. So the perfect excuse to try and entice you into your homes to watch a bit of London Tonight...

We've been investigating in South London today where a woman was killed at a bus stop early this morning after being hit by a car, which had previously driven off from a collision with another vehicle just 10 minutes earlier. Police are still searching for the occupants of the Audi which was left abandoned at the bus stop in Streatham, after hitting two people there. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene and a man is critically injured. Another man is also in a critical condition following the earlier accident. We'll have the latest on police enquiries.

Also on the programme today we've been speaking to the parents of a four-year-old boy who is in desperate need of life-saving treatment which is currently only available in Cuba and Portugal. Leonardo Ferreira has already benefited hugely from one course of treatment, but to have any more will cost tens of thousands of pounds. His parents are calling for UK hospitals to offer the service.

If you've managed to do all your Christmas shopping and are settling down to a spot of present wrapping this weekend, take note of a plea from the Mayor. Boris Johnson wants Londoners to ensure they recycle this festive season to save the capital around £3.5 million. We're told that over the holiday fortnight London will generate an extra 29,000 tonnes of household rubbish, use enough wrapping paper to circle the equator and throw away 75 tonnes of Christmas tree lights. Yikes.

We're on earlier than normal today - at 3:50pm - so hope to catch you then.