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Thames Barrier. Photo: PA

It’s two days to go until the biggest (well last) night ofthe year and I reckon a lot of us are thinking about what to wear for NewYear’s Eve. In my case I’m off to an Italian restaurant which has imposed aSouth American fancy dress theme – why I do not know. So I was looking at theweather charts this morning with interest to see if a warming Peruvian llamaknit poncho would be a better bet than a Brazilian football kit.

The bad news is New Years Eve during the day is going to bepretty miserable. It will be wet and very windy with some gust up to 40 or45mph in the south. However by about 6pm the rain will clear away leavingmainly dry and calmer weather by the time we stand outside at midnight to watchthe fireworks. Temperatures will be a bit colder than we’ve had recentlydropping down to 3 or 4 degrees so the llama knit poncho could come in handy.

In the shorter term, today’s weather is going to mirror whatwe’re going to see on New Years Eve. It’s going to be getting wet and windythis afternoon before drying up tonight. Tomorrow’s looking more promising, itwill be bright and breezy and staying mainly dry. We might even be treated tosome sunshine!

Good luck with the outfit preparations and if anyone has anybright ideas for a South American costume let me know on Twitter -@MartinStewITV

See you later,


Martin Stew. Credit: London Tonight