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The key weather questions I keep getting asked are:

1) Will it be nice for partying on New Year’s Eve?

2) Will it be nice for recovering the morning after the night before?

The answer to both is looking increasingly promising.Tomorrow (New Year’s Eve) is going to be wet and very windy during the day but by around 9pm things will dry up and calm down. It’s not exactly going to be balmy glorious night but at least it shouldn’t be to too cold and wet whilst we search fruitlessly for a cab home in the early hours.

New Year’s Day is looking even better. It’s going to be dry with even the chance of some sunny spells (a bit like today).

Blue sky at Balham Credit: ITN/Martin Stew

Temperatures will be a little cooler as the cloud cover moves away but it will be perfect conditions for a walk around the park to clear your head.

Before then we’re going to have to put up with more persistent rain tomorrow during the day which will be a concern for all those worried about flooding issues.

Flooding at Streatham Credit: ITN/Martin Stew

Good luck with the party preparations!