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Martin's weather blog: Wednesday

Today and the next few days look to be settled, mild and cloudy. Photo:

Happy New Year everyone, I hope yesterday's glorious weather helped you make a swift recovery from any after effects of the night before.

Today and the next few days look to be settled, mild and cloudy.

In fact having just done this morning's weather forecast I found myself desperately trying to think of different ways to say mild and cloudy. We've got an area of high pressure which is meaning we're going to have a few days of settled, overcast and mostly dry weather.

The MET office don't like it if you call temperatures warm during the winter - technically they should be mild (or milder than average). As a result I feel I've got mild-itis as we've had warmer (or rather milder) temperatures than we'd expect for the last few weeks.

Talking of mild weather - we might not see much sunshine through the cloud but tomorrow we are looking at temperatures up at 13 degrees - that's 6 degrees higher than the average for this time of year.

I'm still waiting to the final yearly statistics for 2012 but there's no doubting it was year of weather extremes. The driest spring for decades yet the wettest year since records began in 2013.

Here's hoping 2013 is a little more settled.

See you later