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Martin Stew. Photo: London Tonight

Hello again,

We’ve got some really settled, mild and overcast weather on the way this weekend.

We’re in an area of high pressure which is holding us in warm cloudy air – so much so temperatures are getting up easily into double figures and even the night-time highs are milder than we’d normally expect during the day.

Saturday is starting out very overcast with the chance of a bit of patchy drizzle in the morning. It will be dry for most of us though and the cloud will thin out later in the afternoon.

Sunday will probably be a repeat of what we’ve seen today. Not much drizzle to talk about, but not much sunshine either.

The start of next week looks exactly the same again.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to take your Christmas decorations down. For tips on where you can recycle your tree click here.

See you later,