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Afternoon all,

Sorry I'm a bit late with the blog today I've been rushing around finding out about the wet weather's impact on food prices. In a nutshell I'm afraid it's not great. Waterlogged fields have led to lower yields and price hikes as a result. The aptly named Mark Price, the Managing Director of Waitrose, estimates we'll see further increases of 5% in 2013.

The only glimmer of hope is that the global price of staples like grain and wheat are going down so that should halt the astronomical markup on things like meat and bread we've seen recently.

The problem for farmers in the UK is that as a rule we're getting more extreme weather (both droughts and floods). If you're interested in reading more this is a really interesting precis of changing trends issued but the MET office.

Back to mundane things like the weather over the next few days and I'm afraid there's not much change. More blanket cloud, mild temperatures and the odd patch of drizzle. We've got a cold front moving in tomorrow night which could bring some brighter rest bite on Wednesday afternoon but the price we'll pay for that is some more persistent light rain.

Have a great evening.