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Good afternoon everyone.

Wasn’t it nice to see a bit of sunshine this afternoon?We’ve actually had incredibly mild temperatures over the last fortnight butbecause of all the cloud it just hasn’t felt particularly nice. Thetemperatures have been noticed by some of London’s wildlife though – variousspecies have been spotted coming out of hibernation two months early at WWTLondon Wetland Centre.

They are in for a bit of a shock at the weekend (as are we)as things are going to get decidedly chillier. Instead of the double figuredaytime highs we’ve seen of late, Sunday won’t get much warmer than threedegrees. Some of the country further north could be in line for some snow – inLondon we’re likely to escape with some sleety showers. There’s a lot of weathersystems moving around so exactly what the weather will do over the weekend ishard to nail down but all forecast models agree on one thing… It will be cold!

On a different note, if you’ve seen a few stories aboutglobal warming slowing down – this article from the New Statesmen is well wortha read to explain a bit of the science behind the headlines.

See you later