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I’m off skiing in France tonight so am probably one of the few hoping for snow over the next few days.

It’s certainly getting decidedly wintery over the weekend with the arrival of an Easterly wind bringing in air from Scandinavia.

By tomorrow afternoon most of us in the London area can expect sleet and snow. It’s unlikely to settle during the day – but cold night time temperatures mean we could wake up to one or two centimetres in hilly areas on Sunday morning.

The real snow threat looks set to arrive on Monday night and into Tuesday. By then, the latent heat in the ground following recent mild weather will have disappeared and so snow is much more likely to settle.

Transport networks are on standby, the gritters are fired up and airports have plans in place. Following the havoc caused by snow in 2010, Heathrow have spent £36 million doubling the number of vehicles to tackle snow and training extra staff.

It’s no small task, 10cm of snow on Heathrow’s airfield is the equivalent of 60,000 tonnes (or 4,000 lorry loads).

Let’s hope we have nothing like that falling next week.

See you in a week.