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A good chance we'll see snow this week

The chance of snow will never be far away during the next few days - even in Central London - as temperatures drop even further.

There have already been some wintry showers for some today, but many of us are likely to wake up to our first dusting of snow tomorrow morning.

As temperatures drop to -3C overnight, we'll see widespread frost and the risk of ice patches.

During the second half of the night a band of rain, sleet and snow will push in from the northwest, reaching us in time for rush hour.

There's a lot of uncertainty at this stage about whether we'll see snow in Central London but it's likely we'll see some settle in more rural spots.

The wintry mix will push further south east during Monday morning, leaving it dry for a while in the afternoon, before a second band of rain, sleet and snow arrives in the early evening - just in time for evening rush hour.

Snow showers will continue to be a feature, by day and overnight, this week. We may wake up to a covering of snow for the next few mornings.

Daytime highs will continue to be around 3C but it will feel considerably colder as the raw north easterly winds pick up during mid-week.