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Newham's pioneering orchestra

The biggest music tuition project of its kind in the UK is helping youngsters get healthy, happy and make big progress with English Photo: ITV London

The country's biggest programme of music tuition is bringing music to London's poorest borough. It's making school kids healthier, happier and achieve more at school according to new research by the Institute of Education. It's also creating the future of generation of London's musicians and orchestra members.

All of Newham's Year 5 pupils receive up to three years of free musical instrument tuition. Credit: ITV London

Investment in music education may not be on the top of everyone's agenda as councils are forced to make unprecedented cuts to budgets, but in Newham, the London borough that hosted much of the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, they are investing £2 million every year into our Every Child a Musician programme.

It's a pioneering scheme that gives every primary school pupil the opportunity to learn a musical instrument without costing their parents or carers a penny.

Ian Maclay, the Managing Director of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra explains why he thinks Newham's music scheme is so important.

"Newham is home to the country's youngest population but is also one of the poorest places in the UK.

I strongly believe that the arts are crucial to creating aspiration among our young people and that widening access to music and breaking down barriers to participation has the potential to both raise educational attainment and broaden cultural horizons."

– Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham