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Good morning everyone.

I hope by the time you read this you've defrosted from thefreezing cold this morning. Clear skies last night meant temperatures droppedlike a stone. It got down to -8 degrees in Wisley in Surrey andNortholt overnight and was -4 in central London.

It's not going to be that cold again tonight because the thickcloud that has made today so gloomy will trap what little daytime heat there isin like a blanket.

We could see the odd light flurry of snow this afternoon andtomorrow but nothing significant. It will be staying cold enough though for alot of snow on the ground to stick around until Friday.

The weekend sees a change in the weather and importantly achange in the wind direction. The wind has been blowing in Arctic air from thenorth east, by Saturday we should see the arrival of milder air from the southwest. That means the weather front forecast to arrive on Saturday night shouldbring rain as opposed to more snow. That in turn should wash away the remainderof the snow and ice.

Until then, wrap up warm.


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