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There was a lot of talk in the papers this morning about a ‘snow bomb’ causing havoc in Britain.

The Mirror warned…

"Take cover! 'Snow bomb' dumps up to four inches across southern England in just three hours overnight."

Whilst the Express ran…


So what is a ‘snow bomb’?

Well, in short, it is a complete nonsense. It’s a made-up term pounced upon by journalists to make a more exciting headline. We did see some heavy snowfall in the South of England and Wales but there was nothing explosive about it (except for the hyperbole-filled headlines).

We have seen some light snow in the London region today. It hasn’t been enough to really settle but the low visibility has caused more than 80 flights to be cancelled at Heathrow. The next two days look cold and cloudy. There’s the chance of a final light snow flurry on Friday before it turns milder at the weekend. Unfortunately the milder temperatures will also be accompanied by strong gusts and rain. So it will be goodbye snow, hello wet, windy weekend.

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