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Clare Nasir Photo: ITV London

All change with our weather - and its turning wet.

The rest of Saturday is looking fine as any lasting snow and ice melt away. Temperatures will reach the dizzy heights of 8C, with a little sunshine to help things along. The change comes in this evening as a bank of cloud brings outbreaks of rain. So not a particularly cold night and certainly temperatures will be much higher than recently, dipping early on to 2C, before rising later in the night.

The rain clears early on Sunday morning leaving a fine day, a bit breezy, but the sun will come through - and just the odd shower. Highs will reach 9C, so definitely a milder feel to the air.

This change to a more unsettled picture will extend into next week, so do beware there is a risk of localised flooding as more rain is forecast.

A band of rain comes in through Monday, some heavy bursts are possible. The rain will persist throughout the afternoon and overnight, leaving Tuesday wet - and still quite breezy.

A better day on Wednesday as a keen westerly will blow a few showers across us, but in-between you will see the sun!