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We've got plenty coming up on tonight's ITV News London, to our top story first and one that has generated a great deal of interest from you, our viewers.

It's nearly crunch time for Lewisham hospital's A&E and maternity hospital to hear their fate on proposals to shut the departments. We'll be hearing from residents in Lewisham, who have today been marching in protest against the potential closures. Plus in the studio I'll be speaking to the MP for Lewisham East, Heidi Alexander - one of the most vocal opponents to the proposals.

Now, on a lighter note - and to a man who started a challenge to create an orchestra made of musicians he met as strangers on the London Underground. Shaun Buswell set himself a task to put together the 100 strong piece by 12.12.12 and then perform at a top London venue - so did he meet his challenge? We'll be finding out in the programme.

To say we've had a cold weather snap is an understatement but, we've all had the luxury of getting out our extra layers on - so spare a thought for those taking part in the UK Cold Water Swimming Championships at the Tooting Bec Lido. Those brave enough - young and old, have been dipping their toes in to water temperatures as low as 1°C as part of the event. You wouldn't catch me doing it!

So, lots of offer this evening, plus all the latest sports results - it's the one to watch...oh and we'll also see what the all important weather has in store

See you at 5.30pm