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Please help me save the owl

ITV London viewers have sent their photos taken with the owl Photo: Andrea Boatswain

A rescue centre has appealed to Londoners to catch a tame owl that has been spotted near Blackfriars Bridge.

Chrissie Harper from Stonesfield Owl Rescue says the photos taken by ITV London viewers suggest that the owl is tame, in which case it should not be left to fend for itself in the wild.

Chrissie Harper, who runs an owl sanctuary, says the owl must not be left in the wild Credit: Andrea Boatswain

Chrissie says:

"I am very concerned for the owl and after seeing your pictures on your web site I am convinced that this is a captive bred owl that has either been set free, which is in fact an offence, or has been lost by someone."

Chrissie says she fears the owl will die if it is not captured and taken to a sanctuary Credit: Andrea Boatswain

She says: "I am worried that this owl will die if something is not soon done to help it ... perhaps working together we can save this beautiful owl before it is to late"

She has asked Londoners to keep a look out for the owl, and if possible to catch it and contact her, and she will drive and collect it. She has the following instructions for catching and keeping it:

  • It will need two people if possible
  • throw a towel or coat over the owl
  • as soon as its head is covered it will remain still
  • pick it up, holding it firmly so it can't move
  • put it in a box on a soft towel
  • make sure it has enough air to breathe when in the box

Chrissie Harper has asked anyone who is able to catch the owl to contact her. See her website here which has her contact details on the front page.