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Martin's weather blog

Heavy rain and wind is on its way tonight.

This afternoon will be staying cloudy with the odd burst of rain. It will be damp and drizzly for the commute home tonight and then turning much wetter and windier by midnight into the early hours of the morning. It's going to be windy as well, with gusts of up to 50mph across the North Downs.

The Environment Agency has flood alerts in place in the London region as further rain falls onto already sodden ground. 'Alerts' are the Environment Agency's least severe warning and mean 'flooding is possible, be prepared'. The latest guidance is that footpaths and low lying ground could flood but there is unlikely to be any risk to property.

Fortunately things are looking drier and brighter tomorrow. There will be the occasional shower around but for the most part it will be a bright, fresh day with highs of 11 degrees.

If (like me) you've got one eye on the weekend for the start of the 6 nations I'm pleased to say at the moment Saturday is looking dry with even a bit of sunshine around.