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Pressure on the capital’s services is once again in the spotlight - in particular, the health service and ChaseFarm hospital in Enfield. Accident and Emergency and maternity services thereare ear-marked for closure. This afternoon protestors have marched through thetown to the hospital to mark their fight against the proposals. Campaigners fear lives will be put at risk shouldthe cuts go ahead and they have been buoyed by the partial victory ofcampaigners wanting to stop similar plans in Lewisham. We’ll be live with the latest.

The London property market continues to rise while the restof the country appears to stagnate. Research by property consultancy Savillshas found that the 10 most expensive boroughs in London, which include Camdenand Richmond, have a combined property value of £552 billion – that’s identicalto that of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland combined. Quite astounding figures really, and onceagain we are reminded of how difficult it is to get on the property ladder inLondon (although good news for anyone who owns their own place... or two).

How much food do you throw away a week? This is the question we’re asking ourselvesafter it’s been revealed that over half a million tonnes of food are thrown outby Londoners every year. This equates to an average of £50 per household, per month. Ouch. This is money that, no matter howmuch property you may own, would be put to much better use in our pockets. We’llbe meeting a food waste campaigner today who is looking for volunteers to helpothers make the food we buy go further.

All of the above and more coming up at 5:25pm this evening (6:25pm on ITV+1) – hope to see you then.