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Clare Nasir Photo: Clare Nasir

The week ahead looks bright, but from Tuesday it's turningmuch colder.

The rest of Sunday will be cloudy with a little rain in thewind. The blustery breeze and cloud will keep temperatures from falling below7C overnight.

Towards morning the cloud will begin to break so Monday shoulddawn bright and fine with some sunshine.

The westerly wind will continue toblow with some strength from the west. Most of the day will bright and dryalthough temperatures slightly lower than today, coming in at 8C.

Tuesday will be cloudier and colder, with highs of 6C. Thewind then shifts to the northwest, dragging in Arctic air, so expect Wednesdayand Thursday to be cold with an icy wind.

This wind could blow some wintryshowers across the London area.

This cold snap is likely to be brief, as Atlantic frontswill again dominate come the weekend and into the following week.