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Martin Stew. Photo: ITN

After the mild temperatures last night (10 degrees inCentral London), things are turning much colder throughout this week.

Daytime highs this week won't get much warmer than 6 degrees and it's going to be breezy. To make things feel more wintery, the wind is bringing in Arctic air from the north which will add a significant wind chill factor.

There's the chance of some wintery showers (especially towards the East of the region at the end of the week) but it's highly unlikely we'll have any snow settling in the London area.

That said, tomorrow will stay predominantly dry with some sunshine around for all of us. The odd shower of wintery rain or sleet will be around but it will be patchy stuff rather than persistent rain.

Incidently, there's a story in the Metro this morning saying February looks set to break the record for being the coldest for 27 years. Further reading quotes an expert from Weather Outlook saying, "It's possible that February will be the coldest since 1986". Of course it's possible that it will be the coldest, it's also highly possible that it won't. It really is too early to predict with any certainty exactly what will happen.