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Martin Stew is celebrating National Weatherperson's Day. Photo: ITN

Today is apparently "National Weatherperson's Day" (if you don't believe me, Google it). Why people who fool about smiling and pointing at a map need a dedicated day, I don't know - but gifts, cards and adulation from my friends and colleagues will be gratefully received nevertheless!

In return for your (inevitable) generosity, I can repay you with a rather bleak forecast for tonight. The weather is incredibly changeable at the moment and as a result is very difficult to predict exactly what will happen. What we do know is that we're seeing more chilly Arctic air being brought in by a north westerly wind and a double weather front sweeping its way over London. As a result from rush hour onwards, we can all expect wintery showers of rain, sleet and snow, near freezing temperatures and a cold gusty wind. Great.

The wintery showers should be clearing away tomorrow morning but there will be a risk of ice. There are more wintery showers heading in tomorrow afternoon and with the wind chill, daytime temperatures are going to feel around about freezing. It's staying cold up until the weekend with the north westerly wind continuing to bring in cold Arctic air.