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Met warns of laser threat to pilots

A laser was pointed at the Met Police's helicopter in July. Photo: Metropolitan Police

The Met Police has warned it is targeting people who point lasers at the cockpits of aircraft flying over London. Pilots can be blinded if lasers are pointed at them and the Met has introduced new equipment to trace where the lasers are being fired from.

The photograph above was used in the trial of 21 year-old Adnan Bukhari who was jailed for recklessly endangering an aircraft. On the first day of the London Olympics, the Met received reports that planes flying into Heathrow were being targeted by a blue laser. However, when the Met's helicopter was sent up, its pilot was also targeted. Bukhari was eventually arrested and admitted what he had done.

Police equipment can identify where the source of lasers. Credit: Metropolitan Police

The Met's helicopter has been fitted with equipment including night vision which can identify where lasers are being fired from. Pilots are then able to direct police officers on the ground to the culprit quickly. The British Airline Pilots Association said there were over 2,000 reported incidents of lasers being pointed at aircraft every year. The police have filmed footage of lasers being pointed at their helicopter: