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Sons have shown such strength says Dad

After the inquest into Charlie's death last week, Simon Hutton gave the following statement:

"My wife Gill and I would like to thank the Coroner's Court, the Police, the RNLI, other witnesses and friends for their time and support before and at the inquest on 31.01.13. We would especially like to thank and praise the bravery of the two boys who attended and had to relive the events of the tragic day in July. They were very close friends of Charlie and hopefully the fond memories they have of him will help remove the memories of the accident.

Althoughthe inquest was very traumatic for us all, the conclusions will help bring someform of closure to this aspect of Charlie's death. We will try to focus on thehappy and special times we shared with him and take strength from any positivesthat can be taken from his death.

Our other sons, Tom and Sam, have shown such strength in coming to terms with the loss of their beloved brother and turning a tragedy into a fundraising journey for the RNLI. They have already raised nearly £10,000 and with several more events and ideas, including the London Marathon and Sam giving his album'First Degree' away as a free download in return for donations, they are well on their way to achieving their target of £15,000. To donate, their Virgin giving page can be found here.

My journey will involve awareness raising. During the inquest, two issues were raised that I will want to research, prepare and make fuller statements on.

  • The first is the issue of prop guards which does need to be discussed and researched more fully and Charlie is hopefully a very rare example of what can happen without them.

  • The second issue is to raise awareness of leisure craft insurance and in particular, personal accident cover and cover for minors. I am in discussions with my insurance broker to ensure that any future statement I make is factually correct before releasing it.

From both issues I hope that some positive steps can be taken and that as well as the fund raising for the RNLI, another legacy from Charlie's death will be to help raise awareness of these issues so other parents and boat owners are better informed and can hopefully avoid similar tragedies.