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Manali's weather blog for Saturday 9 Jan

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Afriend of mine was due to fly out to New York yesterday evening.

Before leaving home he went to view his flight online to check its status(previous bad experiences forced this habit) and found it had been cancelled.

He had of course seen the papers earlier in the day of more snow warnings forthe UK on Sunday but couldn't understand why this would impact Heathrowyesterday.

What he hadn't realised was that New England was facing one of the biggeststorms in history.

Snow causing havoc in the streaks of New York

Heavysnow and strong winds are affecting Connecticut, Massachusetts, southernNew Hampshire and eastern Maine in particular.

With2 to 3 feet of snow forecast, residents here have been advised to stay indoorsand have been warned of travel disruption and power outages.

ForNew Jersey and New York City, 10-20 inches of snow fall is possible with a riskof coastal flooding, especially during high tide times.

Back home the threatof further snow remains in force.

However even this close to the event there is uncertainty of the positioning ofwhere the snow will form and fall.

An area of low pressure pushing in from the west will herald the arrival ofquite a persistent spell of rain through tomorrow.

As the rain band moves easthitting colder air it will readily turn to sleet and then by Sunday evening andovernight into Monday as temperatures drop further, this area of precipitationcould turn to snow and ice.

Winds are also set to strengthen adding to the wetconditions.

Atpresent the London area is likely to escape the worst of it although some snowflurries can't be ruled out, particularly for the northern Home Counties.

For commuters coming into the capital on Monday, particularly if you aretravelling in from the north, travel disruption can't be ruled out.

Stay tuned to the weather bulletins through the weekend for further updates.