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Manali Lukha Photo: ITV News London

Snow and Ice risk….

Today's rain and sleet across the UK is expected to turn to snow for some of us this evening.

A few cms of snow is possible almost anywhere across our region, even at lower levels.

Across Central London much of this snow fall will be wet and slushy and unlikely to settle too much, however over the hills of the Chilterns, North and South Downs, we could see up to 5 cms of settling snow.

The charts indicate that this snow fall will be a relatively short spell.

Overnight the snow returning once again to rain and sleet.

However warnings for ice have now been issued by the Met Office.

For tomorrow morning's rush hour, ice could be a hazard on the roads and pavements.

Further wintry weather is expected later this week, with the forecast for more sleet and snow on Wednesday.

There is a hint however of some milder temperatures starting to edge in on Thursday.

Meteorologists around the world have been following a historic winter storm in the US.

Titled Nemo, the storm has left many states across the northeast under several feet of snow.

Residents have faced power cuts and conditions have been severe enough to cause extensive travel disruption.

Our snow does not even compare to the severity of these conditions, and there's more to come.

Later today snow blizzards and freezing rain will affect parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.