1. ITV Report

Martin Stew's weather blog for Friday 15 Feb

What a nice treat it is today to see blues skies, sunshineand not feel cold for a change. The good news is things are staying prettysettled over the next few days so the weekend is shaping up nicely.

ITV London's Weatherman Martin Stew

The reason things are settling down is an area of highpressure which is sitting over the continent. In basic terms, air (and weatherfronts) move from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure. So the highover Europe is keeping more active weather at bay to the west of the Londonregion.

The result is tomorrow will be staying mild, mainly dry anda bit cloudy. There is the chance of the odd light spot of rain towards thenorth west in the afternoon but for most of us it will be staying dry.

Sunday is looking even better; dry, bright and sunny withlight winds. It will be a degree or two cooler than today but still milder thanaverage with highs of 8 degrees.

The high pressure will start to bring in colder air from thecontinent by the start of next week. So it will be turning a bit chillier butstaying sunny particularly on Monday.

Have a great weekend,