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Faye Barker Photo: ITN

I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when Richmond Mum Claire Derry was reunited with her son Sam, after he was lost in the Australian outback for 3 days. She was obviously thrilled to see him alive and her enormous relief is summed up by the words she said to him: "I never thought I'd hold you in my arms again".

Following his rescue yesterday, we have learnt that the 18 year old survived in soaring temperatures by drinking contact lens solution he found in his backpack. He's now recovering in hospital but is expected to be out tomorrow.

Closer to home, campaigners fighting to save services at several London hospitals have staged another rally today. This was the last in a week-long series of demonstrations and their latest focus has been on the future of Accident and Emergency departments in Hammersmith, Charing Cross and Ealing.

The Olympic hero and Mobot founder Mo Farah has been back in action today for the first time since his double gold success at London 2012. He's also revealed he will run in this April's London Marathon. He doesn't plan to run the whole course this year as he continues to focus on 5,000m and 10,000m events... however in 2014, he plans to run - and no doubt win - the whole race. We will be watching with interest.

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