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Martin Stew's weather blog

I can't vouch for your children's behaviour but I can confirm that it's a lovely start (weather wise)to half term.

We've got a sunny spring-like afternoon in store and more of the same tomorrow.

Temperatures are around average for this time of year (8 degrees daytime highs) but with light winds and plenty of sunshine it's perfect weather to get outside and play.

The trade off for the clear skies and light winds is a misty and chilly night. We're going to see temperatures hover just below zero and the chance of some freezing fog.

After tomorrow things are turning colder and cloudier. We're seeing a change in wind direction bringing in cooler air and cloud from the continent. It will be staying predominantly dry but by Friday we could be seeing daytime highs of just 2 degrees and blanket cloud.

Whatever you're doing this half term, I hope you have a great time!