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The last day of winter?

Martin Stew. Photo: ITN

According to the MET Office today is the last day of winter. That means we can have a look at what the national weather's been up to over the last three months.

The average daytime temperature across December, January and February has been 3.3 degrees, 0.4 degrees colder than the average over the last three years. It was colder than last year but milder than 08/09 and 09/10.

We had 152.2 hours of sunshine (96% of the average) and 345.9mm of rain (105% of the average). Month by month it's been a mixed bag. December was wet and mild (remember how damp it was at Christmas). January started mild but then got cold with the snow across much of the country. February has been cold (2.7 degree daytime average, 0.9% below the mean) and very dry with just 58mm of rain (65% of the average).

Today will follow the February trend of being dry, but we're also going to see some very welcome sunshine. The best brightness and breaks in the cloud will be up to the north of London where temperatures will hit 9 degrees. It will be turning cloudy once more overnight with the odd light spot of rain and drizzle but will be turning drier and brighter tomorrow afternoon.

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